cript>een retreat op Finland met Siets Bakker en Sarah Cornally

retreat for systemic heavyweights
in Finland

Are you in close contact with intense systems? Do you supervise intense processes from your systemic wisdom? Take care of yourself now. In this retreat we calibrate with ourselves, in nature and with each other. 

7 days

in the middle of nature

12 collegues

as experienced as you

0 bears

to poke

2 lodges

by a beautiful lake


A lot is asked of us. We invest heavily in re-enacting the patterns in the systems from which we emerge. Time after time we are brave enough to look everything in the eye, say everything. Risking our own affilitation. We make our bodies available to allow information and energy to flow through. 

Selfcare is not a luxury, but a necessity. Especially with the intense and never-ending questions from our customers. Recognizable? Then this retreat is meant for you. 



what to expect


We will be staying in 2 luxury lodges close to the village Rovaniemi, near the Arctic Circle. Right on a lake to watch, swim in or row on. You share a room with one of your travel companions. There is a chef who will prepare healthy, wholesome meals for us.


All activities are meant to connect with yourself, to cleanse and restore through nature. In contact with the earth. We spend a lot of time outside. The mornings provide space for stillness. In the afternoon we go out. At night we swim, light the fire and we follow what is there.


In daily life we follow the rythm of our diary. Our clients know exactly how long something can take. At this retreat we follow the rythm of life itself. Without wanting to influence or manipulate it. Maybe we will even follow the rythm of earth itself.


Don't expect a closed program. Everything breaths, this retreat too. We have invited a local poet, fruit and herbs forager, shaman and poet to spend the afternoon with us. Connected to ourselves, these people and the moment, we create what is possible. 


your journey

You are responsible for your own flight. We will advise you about the possibilities, but you make your own choices. From the airport we will use rented minivans.

your stay

5 nights in the lodges from our host Anne in National Park Oulanka are included. You share a room with one of your travel companions. The last night we will spent at the luxury Arctic hotel.

our plan

We gather at Rovaniemi airport on June 5th and will drive 2 hours to our lodges. The retreat ends at June 11th. If you wish, you can extend your stay. This is for your own account and plans.

your travel companions

You are experienced at systemic work and you know what it takes to facilitate complex processes and interventions in systems. Unsure about your experience? Plan a call with Siets here to discuss.

the origin of this retreat

"Working with Sarah is a celebration. Sometimes we are so aligned together, it feels like we span the earth together. Despite it being impractical being at the other side of the globe from each other, Every time we finish a project I think 'now it's been enough'. And then something new arises. From our connection, from our availability. This is how this retreat was created."
Siets Bakker - the Netherlands
“In Siets' presence, you experience her alignment with the flow of life, effortless and ease combined with exploring and vitality. It is an invitation to be open for what wants to emerge. I find it irresistible and expansive. I now simply wonder what will come next, not knowing if something will or not. And somehow, something new, fresh, and enlivening arises. I choose to follow the movement that arises in me. It has always brought wonder into my life.”
Sarah Cornally - Australia
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the lodge

everything available to you

our location

A pearl in the wilderness of Lapland. The two lodges are adjacent to the beautiful Oulanka National Park, the most beautiful National Park of Finland. From the lodge, you can take great walks along (among others) various rapids. Each house is suited for six people and has a fireplace and a electrical sauna (in the bathroom). By the lake you will find a wood-fired sauna. The spacious living room has a view over the lake. There is a glass terrace where you can enjoy a sunny breakfast. Host Anne provides 2 towels per person, ready-made beds at arrival and plenty of firewood. A chef provides wholesome meals.
Any questions? Contact us; your message will be answered within 24 hours